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Rock of Ages Precision Products

Utilizing the Unique Properties of Our Granite to Meet Your Performance Requirements

For over 60 years Rock of Ages has been producing the highest quality granite for precision and industrial applications.  We have been producing precision granite longer than any other manufacturer in the US, and quite possibly the world.  The knowledge, experience, and commitment of our staff will insure that the final product meets your performance requirement at a competitive price.


Final finishing of all surface plates and metrology products conforms to current US Federal Specifications with traceability to NIST. 

We are pursuing ISO 17025 Certification.

Our Mission

Our focus is to help you utilize the unique properties of our granite to meet your performance requirements and your cost goals.

Capabilities, Facilities and Resources

Our manufacturing facility is located in Graniteville, Vermont.  The plant itself is 160,000 square feet, of which 40,000 square feet is dedicated solely to the production of precision granite products.  We use the most appropriate stone for your application, most of it coming from our own quarries in North America.  

  • We can manufacture components from very small to very large - single pieces up to 50 feet long and weighing up to 200 tons.
  • We can turn round plates up to 16 feet in diameter and 3 feet thick.
  • We have our own quarries in North America which provide us with our Barre Gray Granite, Salisbury Pink Granite, Bethel White Granite, and our American Black.
  • We have an experienced staff of engineering and production specialists, with an average of more than 20 years service to the company and our customers.
  • We work with experienced granite truckers and common carriers to assist you with shipping.
  • We can also provide ISPM-15 compliant crating and arrange for overseas shipment.