• zoleller

    Zoeller Family Memorial

    Rock of Ages Black Mist

    Sandblast Carving of Tigger

  • smith

    Smith Estate Memorial

    Rock of Ages Blue Gray Granite with Black Mist Accents

    Personalized Etched Urn & Hand Carved Columns

  • hope

    Hope Estate Memorial

    Rock of Ages Blue Gray Granite

    Hand Carved Columns and Wreath

  • fallon

    Fallon Family Memorial

    Rock of Ages Burdundy Granite

    Shape Carved Lettering & Design

  • beck

    Beck Slant Marker

    Rock of Ages Black Mist Granite

    Starburst Design

  • sterling

    Sterling Family Memorial

    Rock of Ages Black Mist Granite

    Special Shape Contour & Bronze Bird on Branch

Family Memorials

Honoring a Lifetime of Love

The tradition of erecting a cemetery monument, grave marker or headstone to honor a lost loved one is as old as humanity itself.  Memorialization is the outflow of our natural desire to show our love and respect for those who have touched our lives.  It is also a powerful way to express our feelings in a creative and enduring way.  Depending on your own personal traditions and culture, you may refer to a memorial as a monument, a headstone, a grave marker or tombstone.  But rest assured that each of these terms refers to the same thing - a tangible testament to the ineffable impact your loved one has made in this world.  And no one is more experienced in helping families express their love and devotion with memorialization than Rock of Ages. 

If you are intertested in learning more about Rock of Ages family memorials or working with one of our highly professional memorial counselors please contact us at 877-870-9057 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A Tradition of Quality and Care

When choosing a granite cemetery monument (headstone), whether it be a tasteful marker or a distinctive family memorial, choose the brand in which generations of American families have placed their trust: Rock of Ages.

Since 1885, Rock of Ages has been quarrying the world's finest granites and creating beautiful, enduring cemetery monuments for families throughout the US and Canada.  Since we own our own quarries, we select for you only the finest grades of stone for manufacture and are uniquely positioned to oversee quality from quarry through manufacture to installation. Only an Authorized Rock of Ages Dealer can offer you this comprehensive guarantee of quality control and customer service.

Rock of Ages is honored to offer you and your family a wide selection of the finest materials available in many pleasing designs or custom crafted to achieve your personal vision. Our company is renowned in the memorial industry for its unmatched quality, superb craftsmanship and for the most comprehensive warranties available anywhere.  

Custom-Created Headstones to Reflect Your Family's Traditions

Here at Rock of Ages we understand that you and your family may approach memorialization with your own vision of personal and significant meaning. Our Memorial Counselors listen to you, to elicit from you the details only you can provide and to partner with you and our extensive design team, harmoniously wedding the intangible with the tangible, guiding vision to reality - a custom memorial reflective of your devotion and expression.